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 Judith Lorick   2018-12-02 12:57:51 

I love your art Noriko! I can’t wait to have some!��
 Toni B.   2013-05-03 06:51:51 

I am addicted to Noriko's beautiful work,  I love the flower garden series of earrings and the chain necklaces as well as the delicious pearls!  My favorite pair of earrings "coreopsis" I lost and thank goodness Noriko was able to duplicate them for me so I have earrings to wear every day again.  Everyone who has received an Umi by Noriko gift from me has been very excited! Noriko has a treasure of talent and an exquisite eye for the understated "statement" piece of jewelry.  You can't go wrong with a piece from Umi by Noriko!  
 Mary Steiner   2013-03-09 09:09:32 

Dear Noriko,
I ran across my saved receipt from earrings I had purchased in December of 2011 and was prompted to look up your website. It was during a wonderful family vacation that I found your designs at a darling little shop in Carmel by the Sea.  I loved them at first sight and they continue to be my most favorite pair of earrings!  Thank you for sharing your talent,
 Linda B   2012-12-23 09:19:36 

Hi I walked into a store on College Ave yesterday and saw this beautiful jewelry.  After looking for a few minutes I realized it was Noriko jewelry.  I havent seen you in a long time and was wondering how you were.  The jewelry is gorgeous.
 Sonny aka Sonja   2009-10-24 13:53:43 

You have been a busy girl since high school!
 Jill M   2009-10-11 21:58:30 

You go girl!  Great website!  Beautiful work!  I'm thrilled for you!
 Pam M   2009-06-03 17:58:50 

Dear Noriko,
I love your work.  Thank you for the creating these beautiful pieces.
 Adriana R�tsch-Rivera   2009-04-12 11:09:42 

Noriko! Great web-design!!! Beautiful art. Adriana
 Claudia T   2009-03-11 23:24:13 

I'm very wow'ed by your exquisite touch on all of the pieces.
That are fun and fancy goddess wear.

 nancy kato   2007-11-29 16:58:48 

Love your stuff.
It would be nice to know when you have an open studio or something like that...

 Patty Hammond   2006-12-08 13:35:43 

Terrific Web site, Noriko! Hoping to see you at EM on Friday the 15th?

Take care,

 Gail Ginell   2006-09-17 18:23:07 

Your jewelry looks great.  I hope it does very well.
 Claudia Moore   2005-08-15 16:08:18 

Noriko....I'm so impressed! Your work is really beautiful and your presentation superb. I predict much success!
 Twink   2005-08-15 03:53:03 

Hi, Beautiful breathtaking creations!
 margie   2005-08-14 19:20:18 

Congratulations Noriko !!!!!  It's all wonderful - the website, the bio, and of course the jewelry - I love the names !!  May fame and fortune follow !
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