Noriko Kawamoto
Charitable Giving

I have been making jewelry for myself, family, and friends on and off over the years.  I come to this craft from a background in marine biology and a professional life in aquatic biology.  Thus, the design and colors of my pieces are inspired by the timeless hours I have spent in and around our coastal waters and streams, beaches in Baja, and tropical undersea worlds.  When I am in the process of creating a piece, I draw from these outdoor memories and bring these experiences to the fore, using semiprecious stones, pearls, Swarovski crystals, and Czechoslovakian glass.  Each piece comes alive with the ethos of their inspiration.  As opposed to science, which follows a more linear route, I find that the creative process takes in everything all at once and beauty springs forth unexpectedly and spontaneously.  There is no rational reason for creating my jewelry � I do so for the emotion and pleasure it brings.  

I started making jewelry because I could not find things that suited my needs.  I love sparkle, the glow and warmth of pearls, the solidity of a finely cut stone but fine, delicate jewelry did not fit my lifestyle.  Being outdoors a great deal for work and owning a rambunctious dog meant my jewelry needed to be sturdy.  So I�ve incorporated all the things that are important to me � beautiful �ingredients�, wearability, and a sense of place � into each piece that I create.  They can be worn everyday, for whatever occasion you choose.  But most of all they make me happy.  And I hope they do that for you as well.

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